Best ROM for Xperia X10


Until today, we are still using Xperia X10 Android phone as our main phone beside others Android phone. The Xperia X10 is one of the Android phone is still able to survive among many android phones which offer by many company. Even though the phone is using Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it is still quite good to perform daily usage such as email, social media, taking a picture, recording video and more.

But the Xperia X10 that we use are not using the factory default stock ROM. The phone has been experiencing custom ROM and kernel flashing that finally long usage with DonutHD custom ROM and DoomLord kernel. During use the Xperia X10 with custom ROM and custom kernel, not encountered significant obstacles although sometimes the phone becomes slow after so long in use or a sudden hang-ups. The solution to the problem is to remove the battery and then reboot the phone as usual.
Advance-Xperia-ROMBut now the new custom ROM for Xperia X10 has just released that is very promising. The custom ROM offers something new while still using Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. At first time we flash our X10 with this custom ROM, it amaze us by the beauty of the boot image. The live image when phone booting is reminding us with Sony Xperia Z, the hottest smartphone in early 2013.

The custom ROM named as Advance Xperia. The ROM is combination from many mods which available in forum so that this ROM can get even better. Once you install Advance Xperia custom ROM to Xperia X10, you will find modified setting ICS style, quick panel setting with 15 widget statuses bar that providing a fix for swype to clear in status bar. This ROM is very interesting.

The Advance Xperia custom ROM includes several features such as removed a lot of bloatware apps, swype keyboard from Android 2.3.4 GB, Xperia S lockscreen, Xperia S Walkman music player, ICS style settings, transparent status bar and quick panel with 15 toggles, improved camera (icons, picture quality etc.), nearly 145 free RAM, more than 400 MB free internal storage, Sony sketch font, Launcher with options, Xperia Z wallpapers and themes, X loud, Bravia Engine, widgets from Xperia S, and revamped Widgets.

Before you can proceed to further by installing Advace Xperia ROM on your phone, your phone must unlock. Than I suggest you to use Ferakernel instead of DoomLord kernel. This is just based on my experience because Ferakernel offers more space compare to DoomLord kernel.
Please use Flash Tool for Xperia phones to flash your phone with Ferakernel and do not forget to install Wi-Fi .zip file to get back the Wi-Fi connectivity on your phone.

How to Install Advance Xperia Custom ROM on Xperia X10

Once your phone has Ferakernel, than you can install Advance Xperia custom Kernel to Xperia X10 Android phone by following step-by-step tutorial given below.

Step 1 – Download all files needed including the update zip 1-6, update 7 and update 8 to your PC.
– Download AX_x10i from here
– Download AX_x10i from here
– Download update pack from here
– Download update from here
– Download update from here
Step 2 – Copy all those above file to your root microSD card on your phone
Step 3 – Boot into Xrecovery, hold the back button once you press the power button
Step 4 – Flash AX_x10i part, and reboot (it may not boot properly so when the leds between the buttons light wait for 5 seconds and reboot). Wait for the phone to boot and pull the battery out
Step 5 – Then now its turn for flash AX_x10i part file and reboot
Step 6 – Just complete all steps which display on your phone. Finish, than reboot to flash all update pack .zip file including the Wi-Fi module zip file that match with your kernel.

Now your phone is ready to use, enjoy how boot image appearing on your phone. Explore the phone and find the modified phone setting with ICS style. The Xperia X10 has a new life and ready to serve you.
However, we suggest you to visit the Xperia X10 Android development original page to find the latest update regarding the ROM since the developer has promise to release an update every Saturday where the goal is to have a ROM that will be supported for a long time ahead and eventually make it as good as possible.


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