CCleaner for Android


Finally CCleaner for Android available soon. Right now, the Piriform developer team has been doing internal testing before release it to the public. The CCleaner for Android offers one-click cleaning for android devices to ensure the devices are free from unnecessary files that slow them down. This is another cleaning app which available in Play Store recently but it seems more promising since Piriform has already releasing the app for Windows a long time ago.

Honestly, CCleaner is one of the must have installed software in my laptop or desktop which running Windows XP or Windows 7. And so far, the performance of CCleaner is quite good even though we are using the free version. So, with long time experience to keep the PC clean up and speed up the performance, it makes big difference and big advantages compare to similar apps.
ccleaner for android
CCleaner for Android believes will do the same like they did in PCs and Macs, where it helps users easily delete temporary files, cookies, auto complete form histories, download histories, and log files from some kind of browsers including registry cleaner. Specially for Windows, it do another tasks such as remove files in the Recycle Bin, recent Documents, Log Files, and Temporary files.

So, at the moment, we just wait the CCleaner for Android available for free download from Play Store or download the APK file of CCleaner for Android from the Piriform’s website. Surely, We as the one of CCleaner for Windows user is very curious about the CCleaner for Android. We would like to know, how CCleaner works in Android, what CCleaner will provide as well as the Windows version. And hopefully, CCleaner for Android also available for Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 2.1 Éclair.

However, if you very interesting about the CCleaner for Android. You can visit their blog to get an updated information regarding when the CCleaner for Android release because until now, we have no release date for the app.

At the moment, users of Android devices have several options in the Google Play Store for the features that Piriform offers for computers. Among these are CleanMaster (Cleaner) by KSMobile, History Eraser by Infolife LLC, 1Tap Cleaner by Sam Lu, App Cache Cleaner by Infolife LLC, 1-click Cleaner by Opda Team, SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool by Darken, QuickCleaner by Quick_Lab, App Cache Cleaner by Shereworkshop, and Android Delete History by Carl&Jefferson. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich also comes with a cache cleaning tool. CCleaner therefore will have to offer features that will be able to compete against these available apps.

with the presence of this application on android platform shows that Android until now has become the primary choice for application developers especially for developers who have successfully developed their applications on other platforms. Hopefully this positive trend continue making Android remains the leading mobile OS.


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