Configure and Set Up psx4droid as the PlayStation Emulator


PlayStation emulator for Android will help us to play the PlayStation games into Android phones. This is great efforts from ZodTTD and now psx4droid emulator can be downloaded from the Android Market.

psx4droid supports wide various ROM formats, such as BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX, and EBOO. However most of ROMs are not supported ECM format. So, below are the detail tutorial to explains how to set up psx4droid, than how to convert ECM ROMs to the supported BIN format.

How to Convert ECM ROMs & Get psx4droid Running

1) Download the Required Files

2) Extract and Rename the ECM ROM

  • Now you need to extract a file called data.bin.ecm that is located inside each of your compressed PlayStation ROMs that needs to be converted.
  • This part is a bit tricky, since the .ecm file usually is stored in a compressed archive inside the original ZIP-file. For example, the archive Silent Hill (USA) (v1.1).zip contains a folder, and inside that folder is another compressed archive titled Silent Hill (USA) (v1.1).7z. Hence, you first have to extract the .7z file, before you can extract data.bin.ecm that is stored within Silent Hill (USA) (v1.1).7z.
Extract the compressed archive located inside the ZIP-file

When you finally have extracted the file data.bin.ecm, rename it to the title of the game it contains. In my Silent Hill example above, I would rename it Silent.Hill.ecm.

3) Convert Your ECM ROMs

  • Now it’s time for some classic drag & drop: in the Windows File Explorer, grab your extracted .ecm ROM with the mouse pointer and simply drop it on unecm.exe. This will launch a command prompt. Wait while the converter does its thing. It may take a while.
Classic Windows drag & drop: grab the ROM and drop it on unecm.exe
Classic Windows drag & drop: grab the ECM file and drop it on unecm.exe
The ECM ROM converter working its magic
  • You should now have a set of files similar to those in my screen shot below. The converted ROM will probably not have a file extension, so add .bin at the end of the file name. In my case, I call it Silent.Hill.bin.
All the extracted, converted and renamed files

4) Download the BIOS and Copy the Files to Your SD Card

  • Google scph1001.bin and download the file. This is the PSX bios and the emulator needs it in order to run.
  • Connect your phone to your computer in the disk drive mode; create a new folder on your SD card, and copy scph1001.bin and all of your converted ROMs in the BIN format to it.
  • Disconnect your phone and launch psx4droid.
  • Press Menu > Settings > PSX BIOS file and locate scph1001.bin on your SD card.
  • You’ll be prompted by psx4droid to find a ROM, and now you’re ready to rock. Sweet PlayStation gaming nostalgia will ensue!

Let play the games on Android phones. Have fun is the key why the psx4droid comes out.


Configure and Set Up psx4droid as the PlayStation Emulator |Robert |4.5