Download Cooked ROM for HTC Desire


Yes we know the HTC Desire has upgrade official ROM to Android 2.2 Froyo since yesterday. The Upgrade as promising from HTC will be available directly to your HTC Desire android handset through OTA -Over The Air-. Many improvements promising on Android 2.2 for HTC Desire but if you no more time to patient to waiting the update, you could go to cooked ROM.

One of the Android ROM developer has been launched their cooked ROM. The ROM based on HTC Android 2.2 as update from their last previous version of ROM. The version now is V1.7b which release by LeeDroid. The ROM promising as stable and the fast ROM of Android.

Android ROM nfor HTC Desire

Tethering has been fixed, Youtube updated, Maps has been updated also and many update available on the ROM. Here on below the change log of the Android ROM.

Known Issues: Get More HTC Widgets not working correctly

Change Log:

V1.7b (A Full Wipe is reccomended)

* Updated YouTube
* Updated Maps (Removable, if it doesnt show in the market as installed go to settings > applications . all applications > select Market and clear data)
* QuickOffice is back
* Added Market Enabler
* Wifi Tethering issues resolved (notification remains in the taskbar for up to 1min)
* Moved Notes widget to /data/app
* And a few other fixes and tweaks


Download Cooked ROM for HTC Desire |Robert |4.5