How to change the font on Android phone


Using the Xperia X10 android phones has already gives me new exploration about the Android phone. And for the first time, I’ve rooted the X10 since I need to install other important Android apps such as app2sd, link2sd, market enabler, pdanet that need permission to the root access. And now, I want to change the font on Xperia X10 to give me new atmosphere after around 2 month with stock font.

Once again, to do this below instructions you need to root the phone. What we need to do is installing the .apk file font changer to help us displaying and enable others font into Android phone.

1. Download the .apk font changer file from here
2. Install the .apk file of app to the phone
2. Since the app didn’t have the font, please get the font from the Windows PC which use for this purpose.
3. Enter to Control Panel in PC, then select font
4. Select the font that you like than paste into microSD under directory /sdcard/.fontchanger
5. Run fontchanger app than select the desire font
6. Enjoy the new font in your Android phone.


How to change the font on Android phone |Robert |4.5