How to Fix GPS on Acer Iconia Tab


Acer Iconia Tab A500 Android tablet has released to the market and now we are waiting the 3G version of Iconia Tab, seems it will name as Iconia Tab A501. it’s just that many who reported a GPS issue, which the GPS on Acer Iconia Tab A500 is difficult to lock the GPS satellites.

To fix issue GPS lock on Acer Iconia, we need to edit file gps.conf on /etc/gps.conf. We need to edit the ntp server configuration by switch the current ntp server to a new one, afterward Acer Iconia Tab only needs 20 seconds to lock the GPS satellites. So how to fix the GPS issue by editing the ntp server on Iconia Android tablet.

– Open Root Explorer ( I’m using this app or you can use similar app)
– Go to /etc/gps.conf
– Long press on the file and select open in text editor (with Root Explorer may be similar way for other similar app)
– Change the first line from;


– Save changes and reboot

And now, please try again to enabling the GPS than try to check your position to test if the Iconia Tab will lock immediately the GPS satellites. Please don’t use above instruction if you use Fasterfix app because will screw up the tablet after apply these changes. Better remove or uninstalled the Fasterfix before do above step to fix the GPS satellites lock issue.


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