HTC Release Software Update for Desire Z and Desire HD


HTC just release their update software for HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD. The update as the answer from the user feedback from their European feedback. It will make some differences to your handset and would be “your mobile experience even better”.

Just check out to your handset if it is ready for the OTA by checking to: Settings > About > Software. Hopefully the OTA notification will appear there, it’s mean you ready to get the maintenance software update.

But this update is not talking about Gingerbread, because Gingerbread is not part of this update.But of course, we believe the update for Android 2.3 Gingerbread soon will be available for both Desire. Just watch the software OTA notification to get the official update Android Gingerbread from HTC.

So, what you waiting for?, enjoy the maintenance software update for now and feel the better experience than before. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson will do same thing to Xperia X10 especially their effort to answer our needs to get Android update to Android Gingerbread.


HTC Release Software Update for Desire Z and Desire HD |Robert |4.5