Install Android OS to Samsung Wave Bada Phone


Some developers have been trying to install Android OS to Samsung Wave Bada phone. At the moment the Android OS version which use for this project is Android 2.2 Froyo. Samsung Wave is one of the phone from Samsung that using its own Bada OS. The phone offers pretty good hardware with modern touch screen. But the Samsung Wave looks like useless since no many apps available for Bada even the Bada’s Market has been full backup by the manufacturer.

Samsung as the leading mobile phone makers seems focusing with Android. This is shown by the latest android phone number issued by the Korean manufacturer of mobile phones. This is natural because Samsung has a lot to benefit from the sale of android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Android phone series. And also Samsung trusted by Google to make the first Android phones with Android 4.0 ICS in the world with the name Galaxy Nexus. So that’s why Bada at the moment did not attractive compare with Android.

how to install android OS to Samsung Wave bada phone
Install Android OS to Samsung Wave Bada phone is on going progress. Much progress has been achieved by the team to port Android 2.2 Froyo to work on Samsung Wave Bada devices but It still need much hard work to use Samsung Wave with Android OS as the phone. Recently the project still in alpha stage with some stuff works like WiFi with DHCP, accessing to Android Market, selected 3D Games, some launchers work, audio and video. But phone calls and 3G still need much work to proper working, some sensors don’t work, and shutdown bug.

So with those situations, Samsung wave with Android still not recommended to use as the primary phone. But if you have idle Samsung Wave and spare of time also knowledge how to flash the phone, perhaps you have try to port Android in to your Bada devices. Hopefully you also join with the xda team to speed up the stable Android OS version for Samsung Wave Bada phone.

Hopefully soon this project will release the stable version of Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Wave, than continue to port Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 4.0 ICS to Samsung Wave. However for now let’s try to install Android OS to Samsung Wave Bada Phone.


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