Install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10


Until now I just curious can we install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10?. I ask this question since my friend with his HTC HD2 always change the ROM to the HTC HD2 every week. Many of custom ROM already installed on is HTC HD2 from ROM based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the latest Android 4.0 ICS. Honestly I jealous but I still use my Xperia X10 as my primary phone but it’s just a question like the above are always bothers me when I saw him show the HTC HD2 with a new ROM.

Fortunately I just found the nice thread in XDA that promising that we can install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10. Even this is alpha version but I am interesting to the developer who starts to spare his time to develop to try to deploy CM9 ROM to Xperia X10. Like others ROM in alpha stage, CM9 ROM for Xperia X10 still buggy and the ROM is very unstable, that’s mean the ROM is not recommended to use in primary phone.

install CM9 ROM to X10 CM9 ROM for xperia x10

Once you install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10, you will face some key things not working are camera, wireless hotspot, and USB MTP. But some things are ready to working like audio, GPS, touch screen, CWM recovery 5.5, Bluetooth, GSM, GSM Data, WiFi, Gralloc, Video Decoder, and 3D.

But CM9 ROM alpha version still not recommended installing to Xperia X10 as primary phone. However if you would like to know how Xperia X10 runs custom CM9 ROM with ICS, you could find the complete instructions from download link together with the custom CM9 ROM. But remember does it with your own risk since no responsibility for any damage occur when you install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10.


Install CM9 ROM to Xperia X10 |Robert |4.5