LibreOffice for Android


Finally LibreOffice for Android will available soon in the Android Market. But it is not available within the near future because this application is still in its early stages. Fortunately, LibreOffice is not only available for Android but are also available for iOS. As the user, it is good news since the LibreOffice has many features to handler Microsoft Office’s documents.

LibreOffice is an open source office suite that provided free of charge for some Operating System platform such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Actually LibreOffice has same features with Microsoft Office that’s mean we can use use LibreOffice to view or edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents and it also supports a wide range of other document formats. And now LibreOffice for Android will soon be available for download as part of its strategy to expand support for mobile platforms.

LibreOffice for Android download free

The LibreOffice for Android and iOS has been compiled much of the code to run on both popular mobile platforms, which will allow the both mobile platform user to use this powerful office suite. But we still need to wait and patient until the stable version release for public.

The user interface of LibreOffice for Android and iOS still in the early stages. That’s why we will not see the LibreOffice for Android in near future. Most probably the finished products available for download until late 2012 or early 2013.

So the app will become a strong competitor for the most popular office suite are available now in the market like QuickOffice and Documents To Go within one or two years. Hopefully the app is completed from the time that has been planned so that we can download LibreOffice for Android.


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