New Sony Launcher app


Sony’s Xperia devices which running with Android 4.1.2 have new Sony launcher app. This is a new version of the home launcher app that comes with number of noticeable improvements and changes in the launcher. The launcher includes a new look for the dock and the app drawer, add up to seven home screens, search button in the apps drawer, new way widgets, wallpapers, themes, and app are installed or selected.

Once you download new Sony launcher app, you will got new experience beside all features above, when you long press on an empty area on your homescreen and select to add new themes, wallpaper, etc, the launcher provides all possible options added at the bottom on the screen.

How to Install Xperia Launcher

However, the new Sony launcher app just working on Sony devices running Android 4.0. It is the official version, but refer to users reported that the new Sony launcher app does not work properly on 2011 Xperia devices. But for the 2012 Xperia devices such as Xperia T, S, V, or Xperia TL reported working well. But still no report for any Xperia devices which running with custom ROM based on official 4.1.2 ROM. But others interesting will happen if new Sony launcher app can port to any non-Xperia devices, hopefully somebody out there start their work to present the launcher for non-Xperia devices.

To know what is new Sony launcher app, please watch a video below where the new Sony launcher app in action on Xperia T;

Fortunately no special instruction to run the launcher app on your Xperia devices, but please take note if the launcher app only running on Android 4.0 especially Android 4.1.2. To install the new Sony launcher, just download the APK file than install it manually. However, we will guide you how to install step-by-step Xperia Launcher.

How to Install Xperia Launcher

– Download the Sony’s launcher .apk file from download link.
– If you download with your PC, copy the .apk file downloaded to your phone.
– Please ensure you’ve already setting ENABLE “Unknown sources” under the Settings » Security menu on the device, it is important to allow you manually install the apps from SD Card.
– Browse the apk file of Sony launcher app, you can use ES file explorer or any file manager app.
– Then, tap on the apk file to begin installation, it just takes less than a minute to complete.

Well, the new Sony launcher app already installed on your Xperia device. Let’s start to enjoying a new experience with your phone by using the launcher app. However if you find unstable performance since you’ve run on Android less than 4.1.2 version and would like to uninstall the launcher app than go back to the default launcher, go into Settings » Apps, scroll left to head to the All tab, find “Xperia Home” in the list, tap it, then hit the “Uninstall updates” button to uninstall the leaked launcher.

The new Sony launcher app is one of the new features that promised by Sony in their Android 4.1 update. When you look closer to the launcher app, the launcher sure looks to be getting a noticeable makeover. Hopefully, the new Sony launcher app running well on your phone but if you’ve notice some bad experience like lagging, slow response or any unwanted things happens to your phone, just back to default to your default launcher app. It is probably the launcher not fit well on your current version of Android OS. We wish the Sony will fix any bugs come out by releasing an update version of Sony launcher app.


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