Remove Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy S4


Android is an open mobile platform that gives a lot of flexibility to the android device manufacturers to create different user interfaces and standard application for any android device that is made by them. However not all users android device like what has been done by the manufacturer of the android device.

For most users android device, the default application called bloatware is very annoying and not needed even some apps force close unexpectedly or S-Voice error on the Galaxy S4.

But it is not easy removing bloatware on the device Galaxy S4. Because bloatware apps installed in the phone system, it takes a special way to remove it. One of the easiest ways removing bloatware on Samsung Galaxy S4 is using a script called TrulyClean. TrulyClean is a “any rom” script that removes a lot of bloatware around 98+ apps and other stuff on the phone. It will remove about 600mb of apps and it is compatible with both the I9500 and I9505 S4 variants.

How to Remove Bloatware on Galaxy S4

Before you proceed further to remove bloatware on galaxy S4, you have to follow a few requirements below. It is important to ensure successfully from the blotware removal process.
– Your battery charge at least 70%
– Your Galaxy S4 is rooted
– You have any custom recovery on your device

Now find the step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the bloatware on your Galaxy S4
Step 1 – Download the TrulyClean_v1.4 from download link than copy to your SDcard
Step 2 – Reboot your phone to recovery mode
Step 3 – Flash the TrulyClean_v1.4 zip file
Step 4 – Follow all instruction that appear on your screen once after flash the zip file

Done. Now reboot your phone to get the fresh taste of the phone without bloatware inside. However, we highly recommend you to visit the original page of android tweak script page. In there, you will find the updated information and discussion regarding the script.


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