Root Sony Xperia Acro S


Finally the tutorial step-by-step how to root Sony Xperia Acro S comes up to the public, it happens after one of xda member forum posted the simple instructions. As far as we know, this root method for Sony Xperia Acro S is easy to follow. Even though it’s not a one-click method but the effort to root Acro S far from feeling despair. It is good news for Acro S even though the phone is not quite popular.

When you root Sony Xperia Acro S, you will need a few Acro S files, Flashtool, the device drivers, and you must enabling of USB debugging and installation from unknown sources option on your phone. Afterward, you must follow the steps and do necessary treatment to the files needed to ensure your rooting process Sony Xperia Acro S successful.

Rooting the Acro S the easy way

So fat no one has reported any big problems but we highly recommended to you to visit the original development page to get the latest tool or the updated information regarding Sony Xperia Acro S rooting process. It is very important to prevent any unwanted things while you root Acro S. However, you no need to unlock the bootloader to gain the root access. For some reasons like in Xperia X10, it is always better to unlock the bootloader but for Sony Xperia Acro S is not necessary.

How to Root Sony Xperia Acro S

Before you continue to root Sony Xperia Acro S, you must have the following requirements. Just download from the original page that we provided on each requirement below.
– Rooting Kit, please download from rooting kit download page
– Flashtool
– Sony Xperia Acro HD (SO-03HD) 2.3.7 files from download link
– Sony Xperia Acro S 4.0.4 file from download link or through the mirror

Or you can get all those above files from Sony Xperia Acro S root page but please notice the single link for all those tools will download 344MB.

Beside all files above, you must prepare your Acro S by follow some condition like below.
– Application Settings: [Unknown sources] checked {Allowed}
– Application Settings: Development [USB debugging] checked {Allowed}
– Application Settings: Development [Stay awake] checked {Allowed}
– Settings -> Display settings [Screen timeout] Set to 30 minutes. It is very important because If your screen goes off just once then you won’t be able to return to the installation properly.
– Please use a regular picture for the background. Do not use the default live wallpaper.
– Charge the Xperia S’s battery to 80%.

Now let’s follow instructions below to root Sony Xperia Acro S.
– Turn off the Acro S. Prepare to flash the 2.3.7 file: check all of the Wipe column, uncheck the rest.
– Plug in the Acro S while holding the volume down. Wait for the flashing to be completed and close Flashtool
– Turn on the Acro S. Connect it to computer via USB with USB debugging mode on.
– Run step1.bat
– Flash 4.0.4 files using Flashtool, don’t wipe anything, also check no final verification. Close flashtool after finished.
– Turn on the Acro S. Connect it via USB.
– Run Step2.bat
– You should get a lot of messages like “pushing SuperSU” and the phone will reboot during this process.

Well done, now you have access to the root on your Acro S. Starting now, you can install any Android root enabled apps such as ROM Toolbox Pro, DroidVPN, Clock Sync, Battery Calibration, or just to take a screenshot.


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