Sony Xperia Acro S and SL Update to Jelly Bean Now


Maybe this will be exciting news for my friends who have bought Sony Xperia Acro S a few weeks ago because since today Sony has begun the process of updating the Xperia Acro S to Android Jelly Bean.
Not only Xperia Acro S because at the same time Xperia SL also get the same thing, update to Android Jelly Bean like the Xperia S Android phones in the previous post.

Although the software update for Xperia Acro S and SL new in Android Jelly Bean initial version, still, it is very encouraging because what Sony promised has been prove. Because after all not all Android phones are the same the second time its release with the Xperia phones get the update to Android Jelly Bean. so for now, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is a very fun because a lot of new features and bug fixes in addition to performance improvements.

Sony Xperia Acro S Jelly Bean

Looks like update Xperia Acro S and SL to Android Jelly Bean will start from France like what Sony did on the Xperia S. This is certainly understandable, but for most of the both phones users feel are unfair but it is most likely because of limited resources to directly provide updates to all mobile users Xperia Acro S and SL simultaneously. Because it is common practice that the official update process takes place gradually in accordance with the existing region.

Acro S

So for some users who cannot wait to do the update manually by performing flash using Flashtool FTF file into their Xperia phones. It’s just because this update is just getting under way, the FTF file is not yet available in a variety of forums, maybe tomorrow or the day after is available as to what happened to the android phone update Xperia S.

So for the moment we can do is wait until the update notification for android phones Xperia Acro S and SL come in each phone and then do an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via PC Companion or Bridge software.


Sony Xperia Acro S and SL Update to Jelly Bean Now |Robert |4.5