The Best Android Apps for Construction Management


Until recently, anyone looking for a construction management app was pretty much relegated to the iPhone or the iPad. However, the explosive development for the Android platform has brought a myriad of construction apps to Android mobile phones.

While there are many great apps out there, finding them is no easy task. For example, a search for “construction” in the Android marketplace brings up nearly 500 apps. Likewise, if you simply type “architecture,” you get roughly 350 apps. These apps range from wallpapers to games to apps that will actually help you get things done.

I recently spent more hours than I care to admit sifting through the irrelevant apps (I’m looking at you Sumarai II: Vengeance) to find the useful ones. I came up with a list of 27 apps to help with things like CAD design, LEED preparation, and project estimating. Here are three of my favorite apps that I found out there.

Handy Construction Calculator – 4.5 stars with more than 300 ratings | $7.99
This apps has nearly 10,000 downloads to date. It’s easy to see why. Handy Construction calculator is 27 different calculators in one. The app can calculate the pitch of a roof as easily as the quantity of asphalt that is required to finish a job. This app requires Android OS 1.5 or later.

LEED GA Exam Prep = 3.5 stars with 4 ratings | $9.99
As going green becomes more popular, having LEED certification will be an invaluable skill in the construction industry. If you’re prepping for the LEED exam, this is app is your best study buddy. The more than 300 test questions will make sure you are ready for the big exam day. The app is compatible with all Android systems 1.0 or more recent.

OnSite Plan Room – 4.5 stars with 3 ratings | Free
You gotta love the free apps. This one will help you stay in touch with everyone on your construction team. You can share project documents and site plans on your network. The app comes with 1 GB of free storage so you can access your information anywhere at any time. In addition to working on the Android OS 2.0, this apps works with any iPhone or iPad that runs on iOS 3.0 or later.

To see the complete list of apps I reviewed, you can visit Software Advice, a website that reviews construction cost estimating software. The full article can be accessed at: The Best Android Apps for Construction Management.


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